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Our Concepts

  • Each paper is unique and different than other.
  • Each sheet is carefully hand-made, giving each sheet a characteristic ruggedness and uneven edge called deckle edges.
  • No sheets are alike; every paper has its own characteristic. That’s the uniqueness of handmade paper.
  • Each paper is carefully handcrafted and has exceptional strength and durability.
  • Indigo Arts paper is 100% Acid free.
  • No chlorine, bleaches or harmful chemicals are used in our paper making process.
  • The used water is pH neutral and is used for irrigating our garden and vegetable farm.
  • Our unit is located in a peaceful village called Sankheda, in Dist Vadodra of Gujarat state of India.
  • Our production facility is surrounded by green farms and forest. Narmada canal and river orsang passes near the village.
  • We employ the local village men and women in our paper mill.
  • The indigo Artist paper is made using traditional Indian paper making technique to produce durable/ tough high quality water color paper.
  • The sheets are formed individually by trained craftsmen.
  • No artificial brighteners are used in our papers. They are naturally white.
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