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   Rekindle your imaginations into reality.   
   Redefine artistic expressions with Indigo Arts hand-made paper.   

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  • 75% Cotton and 25% Flax Fiber Handmade paper

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  • About INDIGO products

    Two types of papers are produced currently at Indigo Mill.

    A 100% cotton rag paper is made using cotton rags which have long fiber than linters, thus giving exceptional strength and durability. Cotton contains more than 90 % of alpha cellulose which imparts high degree of permanence.

    B 75% cotton and 25 % flax blended paper is made using the blend of both fibers. Cotton ensures durability, and the inclusion of flax gives an unusually tough working sheet. Cotton flax blend paper is preferred by artist of all ages.

    The Indigo artist paper are produced using fine quality cotton rags and imported flax fiber by traditional handmade paper technique to give a sturdy, strong paper for the artist to work on and produce a great piece of art.

    The Paper is engine sized with quality additive and tub sized with gelatin, to enable the painter/artist to liberally use the paint longer. Since the paper is hard sized, the paint is not absorbed onto the paper and pigment dries over the paper to exhibit its true colors. Indigo artist paper is ideally suited for water color but this paper can be used for other media including oils (use gesso/acrylic primer before commencing work) Pastels, print making and other mix media work.

    Indigo artist paper comes in various GSm/ lbs like 200 gsm, 300 gsm, 450 gsm and 650 gsm . Papers are made in various sizes from A-4 sizes to 22”x30”

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